Frutura and its partners are committed to:

Empowering exceptional management teams

Growing and marketing only high-quality fruit

Investing in sophisticated operations that apply best practices

Effectively supplying and serving our customers in all geographies

Acting with integrity and working toward a sustainable future of fruit


Agrícola Don Ricardo


Don Ricardo is a vertically integrated grower-packer-shipper specializing in table grapes, citrus and blueberries, located in the Ica Valley of Peru. In 2021, Frutura acquired a majority interest; the company continues to be managed by its founders: Ricardo Briceño and Rafael Ibarguren. Since 2024 it has been a Certified B Corp, which reflects Don Ricardo’s commitment to having high standards of social and environmental impact.

Agrícola Don Ricardo Website

Dayka & Hackett


Dayka & Hackett imports, sells, and markets year-round supplies of table grapes, citrus, stone fruit, mangos, and avocados to primarily U.S. retailers. It is headquartered in the Central Valley of California. Frutura acquired Dayka & Hackett in 2021 and the company continues to be managed by founder Tim Dayka.

Dayka & Hackett Website

TerraFresh Organics


TerraFresh Organics sources high-quality fruit from organic farmers in the U.S., Mexico and Central and South America, that they sell to top-tier customers in North America. The company was acquired by Frutura in 2021 and is managed by founders Greg Holzman and Steve Akagaki. 

TerraFresh Organics Website

Frutura Uruguay


Frutura Uruguay offers premium oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit and juice to the global marketplace. The company was formed in 2022, through an acquisition, and renamed Frutura Uruguay. It is led by Executive Director, Romain Corneille and CEO, Alejandro Buratovich and is headquartered in Salto, Uruguay. 

Frutura Uruguay Website



Headquartered in Santiago, Subsole is one of Chiles largest and most iconic fruit exporters. They are the largest Chilean exporters of table grapes to global markets. Other crops include citrus, kiwi, avocados, cherries and pomegranates. The company continues to be led by CEO Juan Colombo. 

Subsole Website

Giddings Fruit


Giddings is well known as one of the world’s premier berry and cherry suppliers with farming, packaging and export operations throughout North and South America.

Giddings Fruit Website

Sun Belle


Sun Belle is a leading distributor and marketer to North American and international markets of conventional and organic berries, including blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, golden berries, cranberries and red currants. The company is led by CEO Janice Honigberg.

Sun Belle Website